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The Lee County Genealogical Society will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, April 14th at 7pm in the dining room of The Loveland Community House & Museum in Dixon. This month’s program will be presented by a special friend of the LCGS President, Jed Henry from Madison Wisconsin. Jed is an independent videographer/filmmaker who started a project to honor his grandfather’s memory and those who served with him in the 3rd Armored Division during WWII.

The project soon morphed into a complete investigation to an incident on Aug. 13th 1944 that resulted in, an exhumation of a WWII soldier, PFC Lawrence Gordon, DNA testing, and the conclusion that resulted in an identification of a soldier previously thought unidentifiable by the US. This is a riveting story of how a team of individuals can overcome the obstacles put forth by time, faulty investigations, lack of cooperation from the U. S. accounting community
Refreshments will be served and there is no fee. The dining room is handicapped accessible and there will be staff in the lobby to direct you. For more information, please call The Family Tree Center, 111 Hennepin Ave. at 815-288-6702 or email us at

cabin Welcome to the official website of the Lee County Historical Society, located in Dixon, Illinois. The forerunner of what we know today as the Lee County Historical Society was undoubtedly the Old Settlers Association of Lee County. That early organization was comprised of many of the early settlers that staked their claim in the new land known as Dixon and the surrounding areas which later became Lee County, Illinois.

In 1894, members of the Old Settlers Association decided to build a log cabin as a lasting memorial to the spirit, will and perseverance of the early pioneers. That old log cabin, owned and maintained by the Lee County Historical Society, still stands well over a century as a symbol and remembrance of those early settlers to our area.

In 1902 the Dixon Telegraph newspaper suggested that Dixon and Lee County needed the formation of a historical organization to collect and preserve the events and records of the area. And so it was, that in January 1903, the formation of the Dixon Historical Society, later to be named the Lee County Historical Society,  was officially organized.

Through the ensuing years, the historical society has collected numerous items which pertain to the history of Dixon and Lee County. While the original concept and purpose of the Lee County Historical Society has been steadfast through the years, we seem to be at a period of time during which there is an increased awareness and a quest for knowledge of our local history.

In 1994, the Historical Society acquired an old home and remodeled it as a research center. In September 2003, it was officially named the Stella Grobe Research Center. The Historical Society has an abundance of microfilm, books, plat maps, personal stories, Sanborn maps and a large collection of Ronald Reagan books from the Helen Lawton collection.

We invite you to join the Historical Society and learn the history of our area through our newsletter, by visiting the research center, or through this website.

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"Images of America The Lincoln Highway Across America" $21.99
Dixon, Illinois, and the Great War $15
Historical Reminiscences $10
"The Man Who Lost Everything" $5
Remembering Ronald Reagan $5
1894 Map of Dixon $10
1909 Lowell Park Commission $20
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